If you’re the recent recipient of a structured settlement, don’t think any less of yourself if you’re already considering selling it off. So many people out there are in constant need of income, that if you’re fortunate enough to come into it, don’t second guess you’re actions. Several recipients end up selling their settlements off. Here’s a few reasons why so many out there choose to sell.  If you’d like more information and advice about your structured settlement read this post first then click here.


In our twenties and early thirties, it’s common for us to accumulate a lot of debt. Sometimes, it just can’t be avoided. Depending on the type of work we end up landing, and where life takes us, paying off that debt can take decades to accomplish. When a large sum of cash is given to people in those position, obviously the first thought that comes to mind is settling up, and wiping the slate clean. There’s nothing better than not being financially tied down in any way.


College is expensive. While that information is nothing new, the fact that it can take a person well into their 50’s or 60’s to fully pay back their loans is daunting to say the least. If you’re fresh out of school, or looking to head into it, a settlement can mean the difference between an easy financial experience, and one that could potentially drag on and on for the next several decades of your life.


So, you want to start your own company. Well, that’s great, and shows huge amounts of gusto, but where are you going to get the funding? For many out there, this is where the idea of starting a company starts and stops. When bank loans aren’t an option, and there are no investors willing to take a leap of faith, sometimes you’ve just got to do things yourself. A settlement can allow you to do just that.


There comes a time in most of our lives where we realize that it’s time to start a family of our own. The only problem is families can be expensive to start and maintain. Using settlement money to pay for hospital visits, delivery fees, a down payment on a home, and all the hundreds of other expenses that come up when having children seems like just a noble a reason to spend that money as any other.


Life is a funny thing in that we never know where it’s going to take us, or our loved ones. There may come a point in your life where someone that you love and trust with all your heart needs financial assistance. In most cases, it’s an extremely important matter that can’t wait, and needs to be dealt with immediately. Thankfully, you’re in a position to actually help. If you think they can realistically get the money back to you at some point in the near future, and it really will make a difference in their life, then go for it. Sometimes, generosity really is it’s own reward. Again, just be very selective with who you offer help to.

Well, it is that time of year again. The company plans to send you out to make sales calls of the most popular widgets sold at your job. Trouble is, however, you have not been sent on one of these trips in several years and are no longer familiar with what deductions to take at tax time. Here are some tips:

#3 Miscellaneous Expenses

There are many other business expenses that do not fall under the categories of lodging and transportation. If part of your job is to use your car to travel locally, normal expenses involved with operating a car. These maintenance issues include gas, tires, parts, repairs, lubrication, and washing. Fees associated with the use of a public stenographer, computer rentals, telephones, rail, and bus fares are all deductible.

#2 Lodging Accommodations

Hotel or motel accommodations and meals eaten at restaurants or room service are lawful deductions. Other expenses such as restaurant tips, dry cleaning or laundry, business calls, and faxes, are all deductible. One cautionary note, however, is to not order extravagantly expensive meals as this will be considered taking advantage and not deductible. In addition, unique reunion adventures are not part of the list.

#1 Transportation Expenses

The most common types of deductions for transportation expenses include train rides, public transportation, airline flights, and car rental rates. If you drive yourself to the airport and leave your car parked there, the cost of gas is deductible. Toll fees and parking rates are deductible. If you catch a taxi between a train station or airport to your hotel and work location, those costs are deductible.

Making sure you check with an accountant or tax professional can allay any fears that you are trying to deduct for expenses that are ineligible. In some instances if you conduct business while on a pleasure trip your business expenses associated with that trip can be deducted, but you must be careful. Vacations that are totally non-business can absolutely not be deducted. You can always check the IRS website to make sure you have filled out the right forms or to update yourself on new rules and regulations. The last thing you want to do is get on the bad side of the IRS. However, deducting the right items can keep tax time something that you dread, especially when you get that refund.

You would be hard pressed to find many people that love discussing tax preparation. Nevertheless it is one of life’s obligations and medical doctors are not exempt. The good news is there are tax deductions geared toward medical professionals.

Deciphering Tax Deductions For Doctors

Whether a sole proprietor, partnership, or contractor, most medical doctors are considered self-employed. They are often perplexed about what is tax deductible and what is not. It is sometimes a concern if their medical malpractice costs are tax deductible. Finding the best accountant they can afford will steer doctors in the legally appropriate direction. There are at least three tax deductions medical doctors can be assured are acceptable.

Equipment purchased for your practice. Medical equipment, computers, software, and office furniture all qualify for tax deductions.

Outside earnings from testifying in court, from pharmaceutical companies, or paid directly to doctors and not their practice should be set-up in a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) making tax-deductible retirement plan contributions.

Travel and Entertainment is an all-encompassing category that includes hotel, airline, continuing education courses, licensing and board annual fees, staff meals and outings, and holiday parties. These are all partial tax deductions for doctors.

Additional Tax Breaks For Medical Practices

Federal, state, and local governments offer tax deductions to medical practices. You just have to stay in the know to keep up with the latest ones. Some of these deductions are as simple as filling out a form; while others are so complicated a lawyer must help decipher the details. It is imperative to know who to talk to and keep up with the deadlines in place.

Since medical practices can sometimes be the largest employer in a town or city, just locating in the right place can lead to large local and state deductions. They want to reward doctors because of the number of jobs their practice is creating. Sometimes building a practice in a distressed area will bring more deductions. Governments are known to provide tax credits for hiring unemployed people or disadvantaged groups. Hiring veterans can be another tax incentive. Settling medical practices in rural towns can also provide huge tax breaks for doctors. Doctors that perform adequate research will be able to enjoy huge tax deductions and leave smiling on tax day.

You may not be aware of this, but printing services are tax deductible. Just like any other type of business expense, investing in managed print services who step in and assess just where your business is poorly using resources can be written off come the following tax season. That’s right, while you may have to make an investment up front, you’ll see a return on it several times over between here and next year. But what are the benefits to working with print services companies? Why should you look into them in the first place? Because you’re wasting money, without even realizing it.


Deduct All Your Business Expenses

A company that specializes in studying and cataloging your use of office resources, and the unneeded wasting of them is an expense that will save you money in the long run. And, not just on your taxes. This unchecked consuming of resources accounts for far more of your budget than you may think. This is because printing supplies are the part of the company that’s often taken for granted. The fact is, most people just don’t put much thought into the financial drain they can put on a business. Consider how much paper, toner, and ink your business goes through every single day. All of those resources start stacking up. If saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, sounds like something that could benefit your business, maybe it’s time to get in touch with them.

Save Money Twice Over

Between printing services helping to get your company running more efficiently, and writing those services off via taxes, there’s no reason for you not to act now. Tax season brings about enough stress in the professional and private sector as it is. With all the various concerns that pop up and add to your worries, any excuse to list a deductible should be welcomed and embraced.
Turn tax season from the most hectic time of year to a rewarding one starting now; set up a printing consultation and let them show you how to both reduce your professional expenses. Come tax season, you’ll be grateful.

If you are a career truck driver, you will have the opportunity to make improvements to your truck that you can deduct on your income taxes. Many people in the industry have actually made a habit of this, constantly maximizing their trucks potential while also enjoying the return at the end of the year. If your truck is in need of some love and you were wondering how you can afford it, researching these deductions will definitely put you on the right path.

Maintaining Your Truck

Your truck is more than just a bit of transportation – it is the key to your livelihood. If your truck isn’t running at its best, you may not be able to carry the loads that you have committed yourself to or you may not be able to reach your destination in time. Maintaining your truck is a very important part of being a truck driver and if you are failing to do so, you could find yourself in trouble. It isn’t tough to maintain a truck and some of the main lessons you received while going to school for your truck driving license were about how to maintain and repair your truck. So, if there are some things that need fixing, you need to handle those problems immediately.


Truck drivers have the opportunity to deduct a number of expenses from their taxes. From hotel expenses to roller doors to cell phones and plenty in between, Uncle Sam realizes you need certain tools to do your job the best way you can and is willing to help you out. In addition to maintenance and repair costs, there are actually deductions to help you remodel your truck. For instance, your bedding, curtains, and refrigerator are all tax deductible. By replacing these items, you can give yourself a bit more comfort and you can claim those deductions on your taxes, which makes it even better.

For trucking professionals, even items such as coffee makers and alarm clocks are deductible at the end of the year. These available deductions really do provide you with the opportunity to remodel your truck to suit your needs and desires. Most career truck drivers spend the majority of their lives in their truck and it is important that those journeys be as comfortable as possible in order to make sure that the drive is as safe as possible. A nice remodel can help.

Once you win some money in a compensation lawsuit, you will likely have some additional questions for your attorney. One of those questions will undoubtedly relate to whether or not your winnings will be taxed. While not every attorney will know the answer, many will be willing to find the answer for you. Remember, however, that this will still be considered billable time and unless you won a vast fortune, your money will still be very valuable to you. You can avoid the added expense by doing some research yourself.

Researching The Law

The most affordable way to find out whether or not you will be taxed on your compensation is to do a bit of digging yourself. The internet offers everyone the chance to learn more about almost any subject and tax codes are no different. Using the internet, you can find out whether or not your winnings will be taxed, how much they will be taxed (if anything), and even when you will be responsible for paying those fees.

Many times you will not be responsible for tax fees, but there are times that taxes will need to be submitted immediately, so it is important that you find the information as quickly as possible. If you don’t have time or don’t trust the information you are reading, consult a tax professional.

Finding A Professional

Just like you found plenty of options, when you were looking for a good tax professional you are going to have many who will be more than willing to help you with your questions. Many of them may even be willing to help your with your questions at no charge. While this won’t always be the case, if you call around a bit, you may just hit pay dirt.

If you have the money to go with a professional at the outset, that is the best way to go. However, if your compensation didn’t make you rich, the internet is a very close second. No matter which way you go, it is important that you find out as quickly as possible.

If you are looking for a way to deduct a bit more from your income taxes every year, you may want to consider home improvements as a way to earn those deductions. Home improvements can improve the quality of your life, while also providing your wallet a bit of relief when tax time comes around. Depending on the improvement, you may be able to even write the entire project off!

However, before you begin your project or even tools like a flaw detector, you will want to determine what home improvement will be the most beneficial and the improvement that you can handle doing yourself.

Not As Expensive As You Think

One of the main reasons that home owners are willing to let certain repairs fall to the side is that home improvements can be pretty expensive. Not everyone can afford to take care of those repairs as easily as some can and trying to come up with the money that it will take to get the repair done properly can seem overwhelming at times. However, the fact of the matter is that what we are really worried about is the unknown.

It is easy to assume that the repairs your home will need will cost a fortune, especially if you aren’t the handiest of handymen, and unless you actually research the cost of repairs, you may not realize that the repair won’t necessarily cost as much money as you thought.

Deciding On Home Improvements

Not every home improvement that you want to make will be tax deductible. If you are looking to get a new hot tub, for instance, chances are pretty good that Uncle Sam isn’t going to pay the bill. However, if you are making improvements that will not only help increase that value of your home, but also raise the property value of your neighborhood, the government may be willing to pick up the tab.

One of the best ways to determine which improvements will equal the maximum deductions is to simply contact the Internal Revenue Service, or someone who is very familiar with the ins and out of filing your income taxes, and discuss the various options available to you. Once you do, you will start to realize just how many possibilities are open to you and may even find that there may be improvement options available to you that you never would have even considered.

Home improvements can provide great write offs at the end of the year and get a fast tax refund. When you are filing your taxes, no one wants to find out that they owe more than they can afford to pay. However, with the right home improvements, you could wind up with a nice return.

If you are an individual that is seeking immigration to the United States of America you would be well served to have someone who is completely knowledgeable in the ever-changing laws and become of assistance to you.  You might think that you can do it on your own, but there is more red tape and paperwork involved in immigration than you could ever imagine possible.  Do the smart thing and seek the assistance of a qualified immigration law firm!

Lawyers Well-Versed In Immigration Regulations

Are there truly law firms in existence that are known for specializing in anything and everything having to do with immigration?  Yes, they’re absolutely are.  The attorneys working for these firms are not only 100% knowledgeable in all things immigration they speak any number of languages including but not limited to Hebrew, Turkish, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.  They can help with matters concerning PERM labor certification, naturalization and United States citizenship, permanent residence, green cards, work visas and other general immigration rules, regulations and knowledge.

Personal prejudices and legal problems are only some of the issues that today’s immigrants can face in their pursuit of the American dream.  All these individuals want is to live happily in the United States, possibly send some money home to their struggling families and escape the oppression and poverty of their prior homeland.  Imagine as a United States citizen, if you were suddenly told that you could no longer work in the United States.  What on earth would happen to your family, your career and you?  Your family’s future?  It’s a scary realization when you think about things on that level.

Being An Immigrant Is No Easy Life.

For all intents and purposes immigrants most likely came from a hard life of oppression, poverty and goodness knows what else.  Those who would argue that they’re taking away “our jobs” need to keep a little something in mind.  Immigrants here on a visa, with a green card or as newly declared citizens are not stealing your job.  Chances are, they’re doing the jobs that no one else wanted.  These people are here to work hard and enjoy a life of freedom.  Many of them will do whatever it takes to hold onto that job and support their families.

How many people that consider themselves born and bred United States residents are living on unemployment, while jobs like cashiers, fast food workers, janitors, housekeepers, customer service phone personnel and others go either empty or filled by immigrants? No argument – the economy stinks.  But there comes a time when it comes down to working whatever job it takes or going without… you work whatever job it takes.

Immigrants wanting nothing more than to find a new life, pay taxes and enjoy what they have dreamt about, and they deserve the right to do so.  An immigration lawyer can help.

These days, every penny helps, especially if you are a horse owner.  Horses are gorgeous, large animals that require plenty of maintenance and grooming to keep them at their happiest.  If you are a horse owner, you know exactly what I mean.  The feed and grooming alone can cost you hundreds per month.  However, recently the American Tax Payer Relief Act was signed into law, providing quite a bit of breathing room for owners of Thoroughbred horses, and providing chances to turn a profit.

Tax Relief

With the new tax incentives, 80% of the purchase price of your horse can be deducted in the first year, in addition to providing horse owners to expense the first $500k.  In other words, horse owners are getting almost a 100% deduction in their first year.  That is not too shabby!  These tax incentives are expected to bring in about $4bil to the state of Kentucky, which will provide some much needed relief to the state.

Racing Horses

Now that you have decided to invest in a Thoroughbred, it’s time to start training your horse!  You can find the list of Derby horses 2013 on the official Kentucky Derby site and see what their times look like.  Once you have that, you know which times your horse has to beat.  You will know pretty quickly whether or not your horse is made for the race and if so, you can begin your horse’s rigorous training to get him where he needs to be.

Thanks to some great tax incentives, owning and racing Thoroughbreds can be affordable and can even turn a profit.  Yes, you will have to spend quite a bit of money, before you see any profits, but luckily, much of those expenses can be written off.  If you are looking for an investment that can save you some money, at the end of the year, while producing profits, Thoroughbred horse racing may be the path for you!  It can be fun and exciting and if your horse is one of the best, you could easily turn a profit, even in your first year.

Lots of things are tax-deductible that you may or may not know about, when it comes to what you do for a job.  Your mileage to and from work, if not compensated by your company, is just one of the things that can be figured into your personal taxes as an opportunity for deduction.  But, there’s more.

And Who Do You Suppose Is Going to Pay for That?

You’ve got to love the companies that expect you to wear something extremely specific on the job and then don’t offer uniforms.  They expect you to wear what they deem appropriate, but are too cheap to shell out the money for uniforms.  And, if there is even the slightest chance that your clothes are going to be ruined at work, why would you wear your own clothing?  I remember the old days, when they not only supplied your uniforms, but you dropped them in a bin at the end of the day and the company contracted out to wash them, press them and got them back to you in a timely manner!  Those days are gone, apparently.  Now you’re lucky if you get one or two (gasp) 2, to last throughout your five-day workweek.  And, who’s going to clean those uniforms?  Certainly not your company.  So, here’s the deal…

Tax Reductions for Work Clothes And Safety Equipment

If you had to buy specific work clothes and were not reimbursed by your company for them, consider what you paid for them a tax deduction.  It is also a tax deduction to maintain them, such as washing or repair.  And, even though every company should know that the business of employee safety is good business, not all businesses furnish their employees with the safety equipment required, for the job.  Some companies will reimburse their employees for safety equipment purchase, that are required in order to do their job safely, but if they don’t you are absolutely entitled to use the purchase of that safety equipment as a tax deduction.  And, when you have to replace it, it is deductible again… Because let’s face it, you don’t repair safety equipment… You replace it.

If it’s used for work, but it isn’t reimbursed by the company for which you work, it is a tax deduction plain and simple.